Growing up in Oregon surrounded by lush natural beauty and endless places to explore, I was always happiest when using my imagination and creating!

This child-like wonder and fascination with the beautiful world God has given us has carried on throughout my life and is best expressed through oil painting; where I capture my exuberant feelings on canvas. Gardens and flowers are a special delight to me. Oil paint has rich colors, sumptuous texture and comes from a time-honored tradition. It is slow to dry and can be shaped and moved in fluid washes or thick juicy strokes.

I am an optimist and joyously respond to color and the play of light. Color can sing, bounce or whisper… I can’t imagine making art without color!

The challenge of the creative process humbles and enriches me. I want to bring joy to others when they look at my paintings. This emotional connection is the greatest reward for me!

I paint outside weather permitting, or with music blasting out of my “dream-come-true-studio” on top of our boathouse overlooking Oswego Lake.

The job of the Artist is to uplift Man’s Soul
— Unknown source

Fresh off the easel 


Upcoming Events

Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery - Fall Show 
Oct-Dec 2014
1237 SW 10th Ave, Portland, OR 


***Large painting rented for Set of TV show, Grimm, 2014 season
(48x60 in  "Berry's Pond II"  see Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery)


Oswego Heritage House Christmas Sale
Wed. Dec 3, 3-8 pm
10th St & A Ave.
Lake Oswego  503-635-6373